Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Our Advent devotional booklet was featured in the Winter issue of Nebraska Messenger, the conference's quarterly newspaper.  Blessings have been realized by many from this endeavor...I can see the ripples spreading!  Years ago I did a painting called Remember the Ripples.  My description said, "Everything we do affects others, some we don't even know, in ways we cannot imagine--for good or for bad...REMEMBER THE RIPPLES as you make your choices."  I believe our project was a choice for making a good influence in the world.  Thank you to those responsible.

We are in need of an altar steward to handle flowers, decor, candles, etc.  If you are interested in serving with this ministry, or know someone who would be great for the mission, contact the church office.

Pray for the work of our assessment team as interviews are conducted this week.  We hope you can be present for the Circle of the Past supper discussion on Friday at 6pm.  Happy New Year!